Teen Patriots

Thank you for considering being one of our Teen Patriots. This is available to students entering grades 7 and above. There are many opportunities for consideration.

New to Liberty Camp? Consider being an Assistant Group Leader. In this role you will wear a colonial costume (which is provided), and you will help our campers move from station to station and assist them in participating in the actions as they relive the events of the American Revolution.

Have attended Liberty Camp in the Past or are willing to attend pre-camp training sessions? Become one of our Teen Re-enactors in one of our 6 stations as a member of the the colonial militia, a colonist, a founding father, or a British soldier. This involves some rehearsals. All costumes are provided. The number of rehearsals depends on the level of commitment.

Service hours are available. If you would like us to log service hours for you, please notify your station leader or a camp director prior to the beginning of your training, and we would be happy to make that happen.

If you are not sure about volunteering, please call our office at 330-548-3305 or email us at info@LibertyCampForKids.com, and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Please complete the application below. We look forward to working with you at Liberty Camp. Please complete the following application and email it to us at info@libertycampforkids.com or mail it to 482 Herbert Rd., Akron, OH 44312.

Teen Patriot Application

Teen Patriots

An application form
  • List all that may apply
  • What types of role for camp interests you?
  • List name, relationship and phone number. (This may be changed at a later date if need be.)
  • PARENT AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED: I hereby authorize the Liberty Camp For Kids to take pictures and videos, reproduce, and/or publish all written and/or visual materials that are made during Liberty Camp For Kids events, including photographs and video that may pertain to me or my child/ren. This material may be used in publications, public affairs releases, social media, or recruitment materials. This authorization is continuous and may only be withdrawn by my specific rescission of the authorization. Liberty Camp For Kids may publish materials, use my name or my child's name, photograph, video, and/or make reference to me or my child in any manner that the Liberty Camp For Kids deems appropriate in order to promote/publicize the event.
  • PARENT AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED FOR ATTENDANCE AT CAMP: The undersigned (parent) hereby request and approve entrant's application and participation in the Liberty Camp For Kids. In consideration of this application, the undersigned hereby agrees: that entrant's participation will be at the sole risk of entrant and the undersigned without liability to the Liberty Camp For Kids and their officers, members, and agents, all of whom the undersigned hereby agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless from any and all claims and expenses resulting from or relating to entrant's said participation.